This project was made possible with the technology provided by rf-links.com.

Rob Spence is a one eyed filmmaker who has a prosthetic eye with a wireless video camera embedded in it. Its not connected to his brain but it does provide the world’s first literal point of view including glancing around and blinking.

The Eyeborg Project began when one-eyed filmmaker, Rob Spence decided he wanted a prosthetic eye with a video camera in it. Ocularist Phil Bowen was the first on board who designed a two part prosthetic eye shell that could house electronics. Next came Kosta Grammatis, a multi-talented engineer who designed and executed the world’s first wireless camera inside a prosthetic eye…on Rob’s kitchen table.

Kosta then found and got Rf-links.com on board. A world leader in RF wireless design, they custom-made the innovative miniature camera and micro RF transmitter that is essential to our current and much improved model.

Electrical engineer Martin Ling joined the team last but played the crucial role of getting everything to work in the tiny confines of Phil Bowen’s prosthetic eye shell. He designed a circuit board to connect the tiny battery, camera and transmitter so it could send out what Rob’s eyecam sees to a receiver and beyond!

National Geographic, Germany